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What do we do for away games?

If the away gym you're playing in has a Hudl Focus camera installed, be sure to select the correct opponent on your schedule on Hudl. So long as your opponent has selected you on their schedule as well, the video will be automatically added to your library via Focus Exchange Network. If the team you're playing doesn't have a Focus camera installed, use the Hudl app to record and upload your game or use a camera.

How long before my video is in my library?

Your video will auto­mat­i­cal­ly appear in your library after the sched­uled event ends. The amount of time it takes get online depends on your network’s upload speed.

Will my football recordings show up clipped in my library?

Yes! Once your event is over, Focus will automatically start uploading the video to your library. Once it’s uploaded, our algorithm will automatically start clipping the game for you.

Does the Focus camera work with my Sideline kit?

Yes! Take a look at how to connect your Focus camera to Sideline. Once you’re connected and you’ve started a Focus recording, you’ll be able to see the Focus video feed on your Sideline recording iPad. Use Sideline as you normally would—if you upload your video from the Sideline app, it will include the Focus angle intercut with your end zone angle. In addition, the Focus camera will still automatically upload the Focus recording to your library and clip the game for you.

What do I do if recordings overlap?
  • If the overlapping events are of the same sport: The camera will still record both events and upload them to the correct team’s account under the correct schedule event. The device will start recording at the beginning of each home game and will record for 2.5 hours for Lacrosse and Soccer and 3 hours for American Football unless stopped or extended from the Hudl Focus app.
  • If the overlapping events are not of the same sport: Hudl Focus is meant to only record one sport at a time. Different sports have different algorithms; when events from different sports overlap, it is possible that video will be lost from the second event. You should ensure the first event is manually stopped via the Focus app just to make sure everything is properly recorded.
Why am I getting a notification about an overlapping recording?

Sometimes overlapping events can cause video loss (see What do I do if a recording overlaps? for more information). These notifications are meant to have you take another look at your events and be sure all of the information is correct.

If you're receiving a notification, you can edit your own event but not the other team's event.

Can I use my Hudl Focus camera for non-sporting events?

Yes! The Focus camera can record any of your non-sporting events that happen on your court or field such as halftime performances, pep rallies, graduation, theatre performances, etc. We recommend setting up a separate team to record these events, so the video doesn't affect the accounts of the sports teams already using Hudl (e.g., "High School Events" or "Pep Rallies").

To set up additional Hudl accounts, follow these steps.

What to do after my game is online?

If your team has Hudl Assist, it's time to submit your game to our team of professional analysts.

Create custom playlists to share with the entire team with comments and drawings for enhanced coaching moments.