Broadcast with Wirecast

  1. Open Wirecast.

  2. In any of the Master Layers, click the + icon.

  3. Open the Network tab, click New Web Stream and then Add.

  4. In the Web Stream Properties, name your Web Stream source, as well as input the RTMP stream URl from the Focus app into the URI field exact­ly as it appears in the Focus app. Stream URLs are case sen­si­tive, do not include any extra spaces or characters

    If you can’t find where to input your stream URL, make sure you’re on the lat­est ver­sion of the software.

  5. Leave the user­name and pass­word fields blank, then click Apply

  6. You should now have your Focus feed in Wirecast, it may take the Focus video a few sec­onds to appear. If you’re not receiv­ing video in Wirecast, click Reconnect

Running into issues with your Wirecast broad­cast soft­ware? Contact Wirecast sup­port.