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Diagnose Your Issue

You can check the status of your camera at any time in Hudl Focus app or by looking at the status light on the camera, located below the Hudl logo. See what each light color means below to determine your next steps.

No Lights

Check to make sure there's no light. Depending on the lighting in your gym, it could be difficult to see if the lights on your camera are on—you may need to get a bit closer.

No light means your camera doesn’t have power. Double-check that your power cable is plugged into the camera and the power outlet. Next, make sure your ethernet cable is plugged into the data port on the back of the camera, not Ext 1 or Ext 2 ports.

If the ethernet was plugged into the wrong port, give your camera a few minutes to come online. If the cable is plugged in correctly and your camera isn’t lighting up, you may have an issue with your power source.

Pulsing Orange Light

A pulsing orange light means your camera is booting up. Wait for it to finish and see what color the light is to determine your next step.

Yellow Light

A solid yellow light means your camera needs to be activated. If you’ve already activated your camera, the yellow light means there’s a network issue. Take a look at our network troubleshooting steps to help fix the issue.

White and Green Lights

A white light means the cam­era is in stand­by mode and ready to record. A green light means your camera is recording. These colors mean you’re good to go.

Pulsing Red Light

A pulsing red light means the camera might have a hardware issue—you should contact our support team.