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Install Your Mount

What You’ll Need

  • Drill
  • 3/16” masonry bit (if mounting into concrete)
  • 5/16’’ nut setter (if mounting into concrete)
  • ¼“ metal drill bit (if not mounting into concrete)
  • Level
  • Ladder or scissor lift

What’s Included

  • Mount
  • Concrete screws (4)
  • Bolts (4)
  • Washers (4)
  • Nuts (4)
  • Hex wrench

Install the Mount

  1. Determine a location to mount your camera. Your camera will need to be within reach of a power source and an ethernet cable.

Mount must be a minimum of 10 ft. from the sideline, a height of 15 ft. from the floor and no more than 5 ft. to the right or left of the center line. The ideal mounting location is 25-40 ft from the sideline and a height of 20-40 ft. up from the ground. Use our placement guide to find the perfect spot.

2. Use a level and the mount provided to mark four holes at your mounting location.

A crooked mount will give you crooked video. Use a level to ensure you get it right the first time.

3. Attach the mount.

  • Option 1
    • If mounting into concrete, drill the four previously marked holes with a 3/16’’ masonry bit. Attach the mount to the wall using the four provided concrete screws and a 5/16’’ nutsetter.
  • Option 2
    • If not mounting into concrete, drill the four previously marked holes with a ¼’’ metal drill bit. Attach the mount using the bolt, washer and nut combo provided.

4. Ensure your mount is level before moving on to camera installation.

If your gym doesn't meet our height and distance requirements, you might need to get creative with your installation. Check out these alternate mounting solutions using a beam or rafter.