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Can I stream to multiple channels?

Ideally, your school will have set up their own private YouTube channel for all teams to stream events to. Individual teams may also set up their own YouTube accounts for streaming purposes.

Can I integrate audio/broadcast?

Send your Focus video feed to a broadcasting software to add live commentary, custom graphics and more.

Can I add sponsors to my livestream?

Hudl Focus will give schools the ability to stream any of their Focus recordings to a school-owned YouTube channel for free.

Hudl does not currently support advertising or subscription. We pass the video to YouTube for your audience to watch there, or wherever you embed the YouTube link.

Consult your broadcasting software provider to learn more about what's possible with their platform.

Can I use a different platform than YouTube to livestream?

You can use broadcasting software as long as it accepts network video source/IP feeds via RTMP.

Why isn't the score showing on my livestream?

Either the camera's view of your scoreboard is obstructed, only part of your scoreboard is showing or your scoreboard wasn't turned on during installation.

If you need help figuring out which, contact our support team. They'll also help find a solution that works best for your situation.

My livestream was taken down due to copyright issues from music being played at our game. What can I do?

This is something that YouTube controls. Check out the YouTube Policies Page to make sure you are within the copyright guidelines.