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About Your Mount

How It Works

The mount attaches to the wall, or another flat surface depending on your facility. The camera then attaches to and is held in place by the mount. This Hudl Focus camera should be permanently installed at a specific location. Cameras are activated based on each individual playing surface—moving it, without reactivating, may interfere with how it follows the play.

How do I know if I've installed my mount correctly?

  • Your mount should be installed on a flat surface with the correct hardware based on your installation surface type. See more details on what you’ll need. Your camera’s height depends on how far it’ll be from the sideline—check out our placement guidelines for more information.
  • You’ll know you’ve installed the mount (and the camera) in the correct location by checking the view in the Hudl Focus app.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a bubble level to ensure your mount is level. A level mount is important to capture quality video. A crooked mount creates crooked video, which can’t be corrected.
  • Before installing, make sure you have the right tools and hardware for your install surface. Find out what you’ll need.