Install Your Mount

What You’ll Need

  • Drill
  • 3/16” mason­ry bit (if mount­ing into concrete)
  • 5/16’’ nut set­ter (if mount­ing into concrete)
  • ¼“ met­al drill bit (if not mount­ing into concrete)
  • Level
  • Ladder or scis­sor lift

What’s Included

  • Mount
  • Concrete screws (4)
  • Bolts (4)
  • Washers (4)
  • Nuts (4)
  • Hex wrench

Install the Mount

  1. Determine a loca­tion to mount your cam­era. Your cam­era will need to be with­in reach of a pow­er source and an eth­er­net cable. 

Mount must be a min­i­mum of 10 ft. from the side­line, a height of 15 ft. from the floor and no more than 5 ft. to the right or left of the cen­ter line. The ide­al mount­ing loca­tion is 25 – 40 ft from the side­line and a height of 20 – 40 ft. up from the ground. Use our place­ment guide to find the per­fect spot. 

2. Use a lev­el and the mount pro­vid­ed to mark four holes at your mount­ing location.


A crooked mount will give you crooked video. Use a lev­el to ensure you get it right the first time.

3. Attach the mount.

  • Option 1
    • If mount­ing into con­crete, drill the four pre­vi­ous­ly marked holes with a 3/16’’ mason­ry bit. Attach the mount to the wall using the four pro­vid­ed con­crete screws and a 5/16’’ nutsetter.
  • Option 2
    • If not mount­ing into con­crete, drill the four pre­vi­ous­ly marked holes with a ¼’’ met­al drill bit. Attach the mount using the bolt, wash­er and nut com­bo provided.

4. Ensure your mount is lev­el before mov­ing on to cam­era installation.


If your gym doesn’t meet our height and dis­tance require­ments, you might need to get cre­ative with your instal­la­tion. Check out these alter­nate mount­ing solu­tions using a beam or rafter.