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Camera Status

Camera Status Tab

Access camera health in the Focus app under the Camera Status tab. From here you’ll see recording time left, battery percentage, storage space, and connection status. You can also check the LEDs on your camera to ensure your device is working properly.

  • No light means the camera is off.
  • White light indicates the camera is on and functioning properly.
  • Green light indicates the camera is on and recording.
  • Red means the camera is on and in an error state.

Camera Charging

To charge, plug your camera into an outlet using the power cable provided. The lights on the back of the camera will flash orange when charging. We recommend charging for at least 4 hours for a full charge. You’ll know the camera is fully charged when all 5 lights are orange on the back of the camera, or by looking at the Camera Status tab of the Focus app when the camera is powered on.

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