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About Your Camera

Hudl Focus Flex is currently in Beta testing for soccer. Learn more about Focus Flex and join the waitlist.

How It Works

Hudl Focus Flex is a portable smart camera that uses multiple lenses to capture HD video. These angles are put together to capture the entire playing surface. You don’t have to worry about pan or zoom—Focus follows the play for you, automatically delivering the best angle every time you record. Once the recording is over video automatically uploads via Wi-Fi or ethernet to your Hudl library, with no additional processing—which means you’ll be able to get to your game video quickly to make adjustments with your team.

How do my events get recorded?

Once you get to the pitch you’ll set up your camera with the tripod and Stabilization Kit then calibrate the camera to your field. Once calibrated you can start a recording on the fly right away and have the ability to extend or stop the recording at any time.

How do I know if my camera is set up and working properly?

Access camera health in the Focus app under the Camera Status tab. From here you’ll see recording time left, battery percentage, storage space, and connection status. You can also check the LEDs on your camera to ensure your device is working properly.

  • No light means the camera is off.
  • White light means the camera is on and functioning properly
  • Green indicates the camera is on and recording.
  • Red means the camera is on and in an error state.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to allow noti­fi­ca­tions from the Hudl Focus app to receive cam­era software updates and warn­ings if an issue is detected.

  • To update your device make sure the camera is on—the light on the front of the camera should be solid white. Next, login to the Focus app and tap the Update button underneath your camera. Tap Connect camera to Wi-Fi instead or use an Ethernet cable to plug the camera into a Wi-Fi router. At this point the update should begin automatically. Leave your camera plugged in and powered on for 30 minutes for the update to complete

  • Charge your camera for at least 4 hours before every use. You’ll know the camera is fully charged when all 5 lights are white on the back of the camera, or by looking at the Camera Status tab of the Focus app when the camera is powered on. The rechargeable battery is built to last for long tournament days with a 3.5 hour internal battery, a 2.5 hour external battery pack (included with camera) and device storage for about 90 games.