Regional Highlights FAQ

What are regional highlights?

Regional high­lights show­case the top five clips from a state for a giv­en week. We make videos for: 

  • Longest pass­es 
  • Longest runs 
  • Longest kick­off returns 
  • Longest punt returns 
  • Longest defen­sive touchdowns 
  • Big time touch­downs (longest touch­downs, either pass­es or runs)

How do I get our game featured in a regional highlight?

Hudl will cre­ate high­lights of the best clips for each state through­out the sea­son, but here are some tips to up your chances.

Your Video
  • Make sure your video is clas­si­fied as Game Footage in your library. You can move a video with these steps. Having only one game footage video will also ensure the cor­rect playlist is used for the highlight.
  • Your game should be in a sin­gle playlist — not split across two or three playlists.
  • Your playlist should have at least 50 clips and the full length of your game.
  • Be sure your high­lights are pub­lic. Check out these steps to change your high­light pri­va­cy settings.
Your Data

The break­down data nec­es­sary to make your video:

  • ODK
  • Play type
  • Result

The break­down data that isn’t required, but makes your video even better:

  • Passer, rush­er, receiver
  • Gain/​loss
  • Quarter

The above-and-beyond break­down data that’ll make your high­light as spe­cif­ic as possible:

  • Intercepted by
  • Tackler 1
  • Tackler 2
  • Recovered by
  • Returner
  • Kicker
  • Return yards
  • Kick yards

You can enter break­down data using live tag­ging, man­u­al­ly from Hudl​.com, or out­source this work to Hudl Assist.

How does Hudl create regional highlights?

Hudl runs an algo­rithm that pulls the top plays sep­a­rat­ed by state. This is an auto­mat­ed process, which is why hav­ing cor­rect stats for your games is so impor­tant to the region­al highlight.

Who can see the regional highlight?

Your state’s region­al high­light will be view­able from your team mem­bers’ Home feeds.

To hide the Regional Highlight from your feed, click the X in the top right cor­ner of the feed card; this doesn’t delete the video.