Change Highlight Privacy Settings

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, hov­er over Team and select Team Settings.

  2. Select Privacy.

  3. To allow any­one to view your team’s high­lights, select Yes.

  4. To keep high­lights pri­vate and view­able only by team mem­bers, select No.

    Selecting No won’t affect a ver­i­fied (logged in) recruiter’s abil­i­ty to find and eval­u­ate your athletes.

  5. If your high­lights are pub­lic, scroll down and check each angle you’d like to be public.

  6. You will be noti­fied once the high­light pri­va­cy set­tings have been updated.

After chang­ing your pri­va­cy set­tings, your high­light videos will need to re-ren­der. The amount of time this could take depends on how many videos are on the team and ath­letes’ accounts.