Game Recaps FAQ

How do I get a Game Recap every week?

Hudl will auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ate a Game Recap after your team’s game. 

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best pos­si­ble Game Recap for your team.

Your Video

  • Make sure your video is under Game Footage” in your library. To move a video, check out this tuto­r­i­al
  • Your game should be in one sin­gle playlist - not split across two or three playlists.
  • Your playlist should have at least 50 clips (a full game).
  • Make sure your high­lights are pub­lic. Check out this arti­cle to change your high­light pri­va­cy settings.

If there are sev­er­al playlists under Game Footage, we’ll use the playlist that’s linked to the Stats page. To link a dif­fer­ent playlist to the Stats page, click Select Playlist next to Game Stats Source. Select the cor­rect playlist to pull stats from and click Change Stats Source.

Your Data

The break­down data we need before we can make your video:

  • ODK
  • Play Type
  • Result

The break­down data that is not required, but makes your video even better:

  • Passer, Rusher, Receiver
  • Gain / Loss
  • Quarter

The above-and-beyond break­down data:

  • Intercepted by
  • Tackler 1
  • Tackler 2
  • Recovered by
  • Returner
  • Kicker
  • Return Yards
  • Kick Yards

You can enter break­down data using Live Tag, man­u­al­ly post-game, or out­source this work to Hudl Assist.

Other Recommendations

For the best pos­si­ble video every week, we also rec­om­mend that you:

  • Link the cor­rect playlist from your game to the Stats page.
  • Add a final score for your game on the Stats page, in your sched­ule, or when you upload the video.
  • Make sure your play­ers have pro­file pic­tures in Hudl.
  • Add your team logo and school col­ors to your team page.
  • When you upload video, include crowd noise. 
  • Position your cam­era near the announcer!

Who else can see my team’s Recap?

Game Recaps will show up for any­one on your team (ath­letes and coach­es) and any­one who fol­lows your team on Hudl. The Game Recap is also shown on your Team pro­file. Game Recaps will be sent over to MaxPreps if your team high­lights are set to pub­lic and your team is linked with MaxPreps.

Even though the video fea­tures both you and your oppo­nent, we do not send the same video to your oppo­nent. For the oth­er team, we make a sep­a­rate video that uses their own video, break­down data, and best plays. 

If you do not want to see the Game Recap in your feed, click on the X in the top right cor­ner of the feed card. NOTE: This is not the same as delet­ing the video (see below).

How do I delete the Game Recap?

Just like any oth­er team high­light, Coaches have the abil­i­ty to delete Game Recaps. 

    1. Select Highlights.
    2. Find the recap you would like to delete and select the trash can icon

    If you don’t want Game Recaps auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed, let our Support team know.

    The stats in my Recap aren’t correct. How can I fix it?

    The stats for each play are pulling direct­ly from your break­down data. 

    The Top 3 Offense, Top 3 Defense, and final Game Summary slide pull from your Stats page. Be sure to link the cor­rect playlist to your Stats page or man­u­al­ly edit your Stats page with accu­rate data.

    If you find an error with the data in your Game Recap, sim­ply update your break­down data and then con­tact our Support team to have them cre­ate a new Recap for you.

    What triggers the creation of my Game Recap?

    Once you have about 50% of ODK, Play Type, and Result data entered, you are eli­gi­ble to get a Game Recap. 

    We’ll wait an hour after you stop enter­ing data before we make your video. So if you keep enter­ing data, we’ll keep wait­ing to make your Recap. It’s not until we see an hour of no data activ­i­ty that we’ll make your video. If we make your video too ear­ly, just con­tact us and we’ll update it.