Football | Recommended Recording Workflow

Check out these recording tips to ensure you get the best Assist breakdowns possible.

How to record

  • Use high-definition, if possible.
  • Include audio in your recording — it helps analysts break down your game. 
  • If a telephoto lens is available, attach it to your camera to improve film quality. 
  • Keep things in focus — analysts can’t tag what they can’t see. 

What to record

  • Capture down markers on every play. 
  • Catch the scoreboard often, at least after every quarter and preferably after every scoring drive. 

Where to record

  • Align your camera or iPad with the center of the field.
  • Find a vantage point that clearly shows all players.
  • Capture the entire field — try to avoid zooming in/out. 
  • Limit potential obstructions to the camera, e.g., fans or other equipment. 

Was your game rejected? Here’s why

  • You submitted a scrimmage that didn’t follow the rules of the game.
  • The plays weren’t in order.
  • The plays submitted were only for one side of the ball.
  • There weren’t yard lines, or the yard lines weren’t marked clearly.
  • Yard lines were only drawn every 10 yards.
  • The game was only recorded from an end zone angle.

If an analyst isn’t able to break down a game, we’ll return it to the coaches so they can upload a new copy. The original turnaround time won’t be guaranteed.