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Set Custom Intro Videos through Network IDs

Learn to insert custom videos that play to all viewers across all broadcasts or to individual broadcasts.

The Network ID video slot is often used for a video slot to promote a branded network or be a dedicated advertisement slot.

Table of Contents:

Custom Intro Video Across an Entire Site

  1. From vCloud's homepage, scroll down under Account >Site Settings for "Your Site".

  2. Scroll down to Settings>General.

  3. Scroll to Network ID>Upload a File button.

  4. Find the custom video file on your computer and upload it.

  5. Click Save.

Custom Intro Video for Individual Broadcasts

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

  2. Go to the Update Broadcast page using the Pencil icon for the specific broadcast.

  3. Scroll down to Settings>General tab.

  4. Go to Network ID>Upload a File.

  5. Find the custom video file on your computer and upload it.

  6. Click Save.

A custom video thas been applied and will play before the individual broadcast selected to change.


What is the best format for this video file?

Network IDs should be in a 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolution and .mp4 file format.

Who does my custom intro video play for?

This video plays for any fans who are viewing the livestream. It will not play for you as an administrator viewing the livestream on vCloud.
Who can upload Network IDs?

Anyone who is a Site Administrator on your site can upload Network IDs.