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Update Broadcast Availability Settings

Availability settings allow you to hide a broadcast from viewers or change the availability settings so that a broadcast can only be accessed through specific criteria.

Changing availability settings only affect the viewers' perspective; it will not make the broadcast unavailable for you.

  1. Quick Hide/Show of Broadcasts

    Navigate to the Broadcast Grid Page under Produce

  2. Go to Available for the broadcasts listed. Double-click the Yes/No field to confirm a change to hide or show that broadcast to viewers.

  3. Confirm the changes you are making by choosing OK.

  4. Detailed Broadcast Availability Setting

    To adjust who can view a broadcast and for different availability settings, navigate to the specific broadcast in the Broadcast Grid page. Choose the pencil option in order to Edit the broadcast.

    This can also be done when creating the broadcast.

  5. Availability settings will be found when navigating down to the Settings tab on the broadcast form shown below.

  6. Under Settings, navigate to the Plan tab.

  7. Go to the Availability setting within Settings. Below is a breakdown of what each of these availability settings means.

Availability Options

Standard - The default availability option is 'Standard', meaning the broadcast is always available.

No Scout - means that the broadcast will be available live but it will not be available archived

Delayed - the live video is unavailable and the archived unavailable until specified.

Delayed Video - broadcast only displays audio to viewers while audio and video are captured for the archive.

Unlisted - the broadcast is only viewable via direct broadcast player embedding or via the direct broadcast URL link. It will not be listed within a BlueFrame widget/API results.

Unavailable - the broadcast is hidden from the viewer.

Unlisted - upon choosing this, the broadcast will only be available via direct broadcast URL Link.

To retrieve this, on vCloud navigate to the desired broadcast and on the Broadcast Details page, select the View in Normal Player option.

With the new window that appears, copy and paste the URL available. This is the URL to distribute to those wanting to give access to the broadcast.

With this Unlisted option, only those with the broadcast URL will have access.

No Scout, Delayed Video, or Delayed, - a new option will appear that will allow you to specify when the broadcast becomes available. By default it will never be available.

  • When Archived - the broadcast will become available when it is finished archiving
  • Available After - a new field will appear below where you choose a date and time and then the broadcast will become available at that time.


I do not want my opponents to scout me, what can I do?

No problem! You can update the livestream's availability to unlisted, and then only those with the direct link will be able to view.

Can I set a password on my livestreams?

No, passwords cannot be set on livestreams at this time. We would recommend updating the livestream's availability setting to Unlisted and distributing the link to those you wish to view.

I only want a certain group of people to be able to watch my livestreams.

We would recommend updating the livestream's availability setting to Unlisted and distributing the link to those you wish to view.

I deleted my broadcast accidentally. Help!

No sweat! Deleted broadcasts are kept for 30-days. you will need to reach out to our Support Team to have that livestream restored.