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BlueFrame FAQs

Questions about live streaming? We have all the answers on viewing live broadcasts and accessing the Team1Sports platform.

Having issues watching a broadcast?

The following questions will help you through the most common problems.

3 things could be happening:

You're signing in with a different account (BlueFrame vs Facebook vs Google vs Apple).

Make sure you are signing in with the same account. If you are unsure, sign into and sign in with your BlueFrame email and password (reset the password if you cannot remember). On the top of the purchase history page, there will be a link to verify your email. Verifying your email will link all your accounts together, across Facebook, Google and Apple.

You accidentally originally purchased a different broadcast.

Players will sometimes preload a broadcast when you first visit a page, and you may have purchased the wrong broadcast.

Going forward, be sure to click/select the exact broadcast before going through the purchase process.

In the meantime, request a refund at

You are accidentally trying to watch a different broadcast.

Make sure you are selecting the correct broadcast when trying to watch. Sometimes, a player will preload a different broadcast, particularly during busy times (like tournaments).

No worries! First, be sure to visit and fill out the form. We'll process your refund request in a couple of days, and the banks will likely take another couple of days to credit your card. In the meantime, be sure to purchase the correct game.

If you have any further questions, you can email to contact our viewer support team.

For best results, we recommend using Google's Chrome web browser, though the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge should work fine.

To check whether your browser needs to be updated, click here.

When watching a HD broadcast, you'll need an internet connection bandwidth of 10 Mbps download speed. You can test your connection at

If your internet speed is slow, you can try a few things:

-Connect your computer to an active ethernet cable (hardline).
-Close all unnecessary browser windows or tabs.

Shortly after completing the purchase process, you will receive an email with a link to download the file. When downloading, it is best to use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. You can either click the link directly from the email, or copy and paste the address into your browser. Click here for more information.

Select the broadcast you wish to purchase and select “Purchase Access”, either create a BlueFrame account or sign in with Facebook or Google.

Next, select a pay-per-view plan, whether that’s an individual broadcast or pay-per-view pass. Then input your credit card information, confirm payment, and finally select “Watch Broadcast”.

You will receive a payment confirmation email regarding your purchase. For more information regarding Pay-Per-View purchases, click here.


Make sure your phone's operating system is up to date.

Connect your phone to a wireless network. A private wireless network connection will almost always be better than cellular service.

You can verify your download speeds using the SpeedTest app.


Many of our clients have custom-branded apps across the streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. Check with your organization to see if they have those apps. If they do not, let your organization know so that they can contact us to add them! Or try the Team1Sports app on all the platforms listed above. Many high schools and colleges will be available.

iOS devices can use AirPlay to send the stream to an Apple TV, or any device capable of receiving Airplay video.

Casting to a Chromecast is not currently supported.

When selecting a pay-per-view broadcast on our apps, you will be given a URL and code to navigate to on another device to purchase. To access that URL, click here.

Enter the code on your television on the device and go through the payment process. Sign in either with a BlueFrame, Facebook, or Google account. Next, select a pay-per-view plan, whether that’s an individual broadcast or pay-per-view pass. Then input your credit card information, confirm payment, and finally select “Watch Broadcast”. The broadcast will then begin playing on your app.

For more information regarding access pay-per-view purchases on OTT apps, click here.


To enable captions on the web version of our player, navigate in the player to the bottom right hand corner and select the “CC” option. Then select the appropriate language from the available options. Captions will then begin to appear.

For more information regarding enabling captioning, click here.

Some broadcasts may be restricted in where they can be viewed due to distribution rights. You must allow the website to access your location in order to potentially view the broadcast.

Enabling the website to access your location will allow your region to be checked. If you are in an accessible region, you will be able to access it. If your region is not allowed to access the broadcast you will be blocked. For more information regarding this process, please click here.


Team1Sports is a subsidiary brand of Hudl where streaming client content is aggregated together to leverage interest in one, to spur interest in all.

Previously, Team1Sports was the go-to place for content which was not separately whitelabeled under another conference's or organization's suite of branded apps. Hudl has decided to roll even more content together to make it the largest collection of streamed US collegiate athletic content across all OTT channels.

Team1Sports hosts content from NCAA divisions, NAIA, NJCAA, High School and more!

Without a doubt, streaming your content on Team1Sports is the easiest and most cost effective way to syndicate your events across all TV streaming channels. Team1Sports apps are available on all the major market platforms and are easily discoverable for your viewers.

Contact Hudl's sales team to discuss our available streaming plans eligible for inclusion on Team1Sports apps.