Import and Export Breakdown Data

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hov­er over Video and select Library. 

  2. Select the game, prac­tice or oppo­nent scout video. From here, you can either Export or Import break­down data.

Export Breakdown Data

  1. Hover over the three dots and select Export Data to Excel.

  2. The Excel file will begin to down­load auto­mat­i­cal­ly. Find the file in the Downloads fold­er on your computer.

Import Breakdown Data

  1. Hover over the three dots and select Import Data.

  2. Click Choose File and select the Excel or .CSV file to import.

  3. Click Import Breakdown Data.

  4. Select the Hudl columns that match your val­ues from the drop-downs. The columns with match­ing names will be synced automatically.

  5. Click Import Data into Hudl when all columns have been matched.

  6. The import­ed data will appear as a sep­a­rate playlist not asso­ci­at­ed with any video. Follow these steps to match the data with your video.