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OnForm is acquiring Hudl Technique

OnForm's mobile app has comparable features and capabilities to help coaches and athletes continue using their mobile devices for slow motion video review. Ready to migrate your video? Learn how.

Your Next Steps

OnForm set up a migration tool so you can easily transfer your Hudl Technique account to their app, including any video and data.


I have Hudl Technique. What are my options?

You can download your Technique videos to your device to save and review on your own. You can also migrate your videos to OnForm if you want to continue using a performance analysis app to improve your skills.

Does this affect my Hudl account?

Nope, your Hudl account will not be affected. You can download your videos to your camera roll, then upload them to Hudl to share them with other Hudl users. However, not all of the features and functionality in Technique are available on Hudl.

Who is OnForm and why did you partner with them?

We have close ties with the founders of OnForm, and their product is a great alternative to Technique. They’ve agreed to help make your migration experience as seamless as possible and provide a level of service on par with Hudl.

If I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Reach out to OnForm Support with any questions about your Hudl Technique account—they’ll be happy to help!