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Use these logos when one is needed for web materials. These are our official logos and should not be edited in any way.

Other Notes

These logos have a transparent background—the mock backgrounds in each thumbnail are color guidelines. For example, use a logo with a black background when you need it for a dark environment.

Hudl Logo Default


Hudl provides coaches and athletes from teams at every level a secure platform to upload and share video, communicate with notes and drawings, analyze stats, and create custom highlights.

Hudl Assist Logo

Hudl Assist

Hudl Assist is an add-on service offered to basketball and American football teams. Coaches send us game video, and our professional analysts break it down with team and individual stats in 24 hours or less.

Hudl Combine Logo

Hudl Combine

Hudl Combine is a free mobile app designed for football athletes to test their athleticism by recording a series of events to calculate a verified Nike Football Rating.

Hudl Focus Logo Default@1X

Hudl Focus

Hudl Focus is a fixed camera system that fully integrates with a team’s account to read schedules for automatic recording and uploading.

Logo Hudl Replay Default

Hudl Replay

Hudl Replay allows elite teams to track data and review video live, spotting key trends to make immediate adjustments for a more effective game plan.

Hudl Sideline Logo

Hudl Sideline

Hudl Sideline is a wireless instant replay solution allowing coaches to make in-game adjustments from the sideline or press box.

Hudl Technique Logo

Hudl Technique

Hudl Technique is a mobile app that allows coaches and athletes to analyze and improve with slow motion playback and side-by-side comparisons.

Gamebreaker Plus Logo

Gamebreaker Plus

Gamebreaker is a more cost-effective version of Sportscode, giving teams on a budget custom analysis to help track and evaluate performance.

Recruit Logo Black


Recruit gives colleges and universities unobstructed access to the most comprehensive video library available, featuring full games and highlights across football and basketball.

Sportscode Thumbnail


Sportscode is a customizable analysis program for teams to evaluate performance and the specific insights that matter most to them.

Vm Color Thumbnail


Volleymetrics uses key insights from the world’s most elite organizations to provide in-depth analysis to volleyball coaches and athletes at every level.

Hudl Franchise Partner Badge Default@3X

Hudl Franchise Partner

As a Hudl Franchise Partner, a high school has total access to the full suite of Hudl products, plus early entry to exclusive new programs.

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