Add a Player to Your Portfolio

  1. Access the plat­form. On the top of the main page click the cen­tral icon and select Agent.

  2. On the top right of your Portfolio page click on Add play­er.

  3. Type the name of the play­er and select him.

  4. To claim the play­er, fill in this form.

Fill in the Player Form — Contracted Player

  1. If the play­er is con­tract­ed, check the Contracted Player box. To select the expi­ra­tion date of his con­tract, fill in the Contract Player/​Club expi­ra­tion tab.

  2. If the play­er is with­out a con­tract, check Yes.

  3. If the play­er has a con­tract with you, select the Date from Player/​agent con­tract expiration.

  4. Type the expect­ed play­er val­ue if you wish.

  5. When you fin­ish, click Next.

Fill in the Player Form — Mandated Player

  1. If the play­er is man­dat­ed, check the Mandated Player box. You can select the Agent/​Player Mandate expi­ra­tion date from the tab on the right.

  2. Type the man­dat­ed coun­tries from the tab on the right.

  3. You can also fill in the Contract Player/​Club expi­ra­tion, Without con­tract and Expected play val­ue as men­tioned above. When you fin­ish, click Save and Close.

Player added to your Portfolio

  1. You can now see the play­er in your Portfolio list.