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Upload to Wyscout

This tutorial teaches how to add full matches to Wyscout and make them available to others.

To start, download the Wyscout Uploader software.

  1. Launch the uploader and log in with your Wyscout credentials.

  2. Click on Create new job.

  3. Select Platform Match, then click Next.

  4. Search for and select the team whose match you want to upload. Click Next.

  5. Choose the match you want to upload, then click Next.

    Match not listed? If you're a part of the NCAA, send an email to Please include the team sheet and rosters. We'll contact you when the fixture has been added.

  6. Select the type of video. Choose from:

    • Broadcast (NCAA D2, NCAA D3, NAIA, and NJCAA): The primary source of video for the match.
    • Wide Angle (NCAA D1): Additional angles, meant to accompany the main version of the match.

    Click Next.

  7. Click on Public, then Next.

    If you select private, others (including Hudl's tagging department) won't be able to see that you've uploaded video.

  8. Select the match and click Open or drag and drop the match video file from your computer to the uploader.

  9. If you have multiple files, click on OK Load and Merge Files.

  10. Don’t worry about the cuts, check Skip Sync, and click Next.

    We'll take care of cutting the video for you.

  11. Click on Start Job. The video will begin encoding.

    Remember to keep your device turned on and connected to the internet while your file uploads.

  12. When complete, the match will appear as done.