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Upload Videos to Your Private Area

This tutorial teaches how to add games or clips to your private area on Wyscout. To upload full matches to Wyscout and make them available to others, see the tutorial Upload to Wyscout.

  1. Log in to Wyscout and click on the central profile icon.

  2. Navigate to the Videos tab.

  3. Open the section Uploaded videos and click on Upload video.

  4. Select the type of video you want to upload and fill in the requested information. For this example, we select Training.

  5. In this case, you will be redirected to the Upload tab. Drop your file or upload it from your computer.

  6. Once uploaded, click Done and close the window.

  7. If you upload a Match, you will have an additional page to fill out.

  8. For a match upload, you need to fill out the Add Match page. Choose the involved teams, insert the score and provide the requested information. Once done, click Next to upload your match.

  9. Your uploaded file will be available under the Uploaded videos section.