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Create a Custom Video Report

Generate your own video report through Wyscout.

Extend the Length of a Clip

Adjust the duration of a clip in Wyscout.

Create a Customizable Team Report

Download a customized team report from Wyscout.

Create a Task in Your Calendar

Add tasks to and manage your Wyscout calendar.

Capture Video

Tips to help you capture great video that's ready to be analyzed.

Upload to Wyscout

Upload a public match through the Wyscout Uploader.

Download a Match - Web

Download a game from

Download a Hudl Sportscode XML from Wyscout

Download an XML file from Wyscout to use in Hudl Sportscode.

Customize your XML Download

Customize the appearance and data in an XML file downloaded from Wyscout.

Upload Videos to Your Private Area

Upload games or clips to your private area on Wyscout.

Switch between Men's and Women's Videos

Switch between viewing men's and women's videos.

Find Past Downloads

Find matches and playlists you've previously downloaded.

Send a Match Video to Your Hudl Library

This tutorial will show you how to send a match video and XMLs directly from your Wyscout account to your Hudl library.


The Glossary describes the current state of the Wyscout data model, used across the Wyscout Platform, reports, and the API.

Multi-Angle Views
Submit your Tagging Questions to Wyscout

Use this form to submit a request related to a missing tag, incorrect tag, or missing report.

On Demand Private Tagging

Upload a private video and get it tagged for your team only.