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Change your Subscription Country

This tutorial is only applicable for subscriptions including 1 country and/or the 5 countries video pack.

  1. Log in to Wyscout and click on the profile icon.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Select Subscription Info.

  4. Click Manage.

  5. Remove your current country by clicking on the x near the flag.

  6. Scroll down the page to find your country.

  7. Choose the country, then click Apply settings.

  8. Click Continue to validate your selection.

  9. Your new country has been set.

    You can change one country every six months.


I opened my account settings, but I can't see the Subscription tab. Why?
This means you are not the administrator of the account. Please ask your administrator to make the updates for you. If you feel that this is a mistake, and you should be the administrator for your team, please contact your account executive or our support team at

How often can I change the countries included in my subscription?
You can change one country every six months.

I opened my Subscription tab and there is a message saying "No areas available". What does this mean?
This means your video package is not limited based on areas, and you don't need to select a specific country. Only users with a 1 Country or 5 Countries video pack have to select the areas they want to access. If you need more information about your current subscription, please contact your account executive.