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Data Analysis


  • First off, SPRO shall be synchronized with the user’s WIMU Cloud account prior to the analysis of the SPRO monitor Intervals Pro. Therefore, there is a button in the label “Tools” named “Options”.
  • Further, insert the user’s credentials, username, and password in the section “Cloud”.
  • Insert the following URL in your favorite browser “”. Do not add “http://” or “www.”
  • Finally, open the monitor “Intervals Pro” and click on the following button “ “ that allows uploading the results to the WIMU Cloud.


  • Plug in the SMART STATION and turn it on.
  • Connect the SMART STATION to the PC.
  • Turn on the WIMU PRO device that you would like to extract the information of.
  • Push the “PC MODE” option on the screen of the SMART STATION and do not push on it again until finalizing the downloading of the data.
  • Open SPRO and choose the option “FILE – Download Manager” or access directly by clicking on the following icon ““ on the top side.
  • Choose the option “USB” in SPRO and wait to see all devices on the screen. Click again on USB if it did not happen.
  • Select the files to download. Click on the option “ALL” in the menu to select all files. On the other hand, the option “LAST” selects the files ordered chronologically for each device.
  • Select “Download”, “Open”, or “Download and Open” to download, just visualize (without downloading the files to your PC) or download and visualize the files in SPRO.
  • All devices will be turned off automatically after downloading the data if the button “Turn off after download” is enabled.
  • Unmark the option “PC MODE” of the SMART STATION and take off the cable connected to the PC.
  • The WIMU PRO devices should be left in the SMART STATION while it is on to charge the battery.


  • All files downloaded could be found in the “Analysis” section. Each file contains the data of a single player’s sessions.
  • If the name of a player is not displayed in the icon’s caption of the device, click on “View” and select the option “Player Name Caption”.
  • Click on the right button of the WIMU PRO icon of the concrete file in order to manually link it to the file of a player. Select the option “Assign User” and choose the player and team to be linked.
  • Click on the following icon next to each player in the “Analysis panel” to display all sensors featured by a device. For example, search the GPS sensor, open it and drag the “Speed” channel into the work panel. In order to display the speed signal of all players at once, click on the right button of the mouse and then click on “Launch for all WIMUS” option. This is a point of reference to carry out the tasks.
  • The tool “Zoom Mode” allows you to zoom in and zoom out. Click on this option and drag the cursor to the right. The same move backward would undo this. Another option is to place the cursor of the mouse on the track and use the wheel of the mouse to zoom in and zoom out.
  • The session can be split into different tasks using the tool “Select Mode” (include icon). Once we have done this in the player’s channel, it would be automatically applied to the other channels. If we right-click on a selection, we can rename the task, modify the duration, and split the task. Click on the selection panel to set the active time of each task per player. In order to access to this panel, we click on the button “Show/Hide Selections Panel”
  • The following icon “…” is right above the work panel. It is called “Selection Manager” and it displays the tasks previously selected with the option “Select Mode”.
  • The option “Football”, found in the section “Monitors”, is at the right of the screen, to calculate the performance variables. Drag the monitor into the work panel and it will automatically display the results of all players.
  • The data can be exported in Excel by clicking on the icon “Export to xls” on the right side of the table.
  • Click on the following icon ““ to upload the data to WIMU Cloud.