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Download Device Data

There are two ways to download the data recorded by the devices: USB cable and by connecting a USB pen drive.

USB Cable

  1. For USB cable select “PC Mode” and then go to the SPRO software to download.

  2. In SPRO, in the main menu, click on the File section and then on Download Manager.

  3. Press USB to detect the devices.

  4. There are two buttons to select the files:

    • Last: The last file on each device will be selected.
    • All: All files on each device will be selected.
  5. There are three different buttons to download the files:

    • Download: The files will only be downloaded to our computer.
    • Open: The files will be opened in SPRO. This is the fastest option.
    • Download and Open: The files will be saved on your computer and opened in SPRO.


  1. To download by means of Pendrive, connect it to one of the ports and a warning message will appear “pendrive connected” and will be activated the legends of “copy last” and “copy all”.

    • Copy all: downloads all selected files.
    • Copy last: download the last file generated in WIMU.
  2. Insert the Pendrive into your Laptop and follow steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the USB Cable section above.