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Add Bulk Player Profiles on Devices

This functionality is especially useful when configuring all devices with new players' information. This process will allow us to save time. Below is everything you need to know to do it.

  1. First of all, it is mandatory to have players’ profiles in Wimu Cloud already created. If more information is needed about creating players’ profiles check this out.

  2. Once players' profiles have been created, we have to go to the team profiles section (administration> team). Then, select the desired team with the players’ information you want to download and go to the profile section as shown below.

  3. Select the desired players to download the information. Also, you are allowed to select the order (Wimu name, ID number, or Jersey number of their profiles). This is important because this order will be followed in the configuration device. Then click on SS Config and the JSON file will be downloaded.

  4. Save the downloaded file in a folder named WIMU Cloud as it is shown in the picture below. Then use a pen drive to save this file in it. Importantly, try to avoid the use of external hard drives.

  5. Insert the pen drive in the USB port available in the Smartstation and turn on all the devices that you desire to set. Then the option of CLOUD TEAMS will appear on the Smart Station’s screen. Click on it, select the desired team name and click on OK. This process could take a few minutes. Once the process is complete a reboot of the devices may be required (Shutdown>Reboot). The devices should show the new information now.

    You can download and store all team profiles as you need.