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Creating a New Staff Profile

  1. Once we have accessed our WIMU Cloud account, we have to go to the Users section and click on the account we want to create (Administrator, Trainer or Medical).

  2. To create a new staff account, click on NEW and fill in the username and password (these will be the credentials you will use to access this account) and the email address.

    The password shall have the following characteristics:

    At least:
    - 12 characters long

    - One uppercase letter

    - One special character

  3. In the Profile section, you must create an account name (Name that will appear once logged in to WIMU Cloud).

  4. In the Teams section, you can assign the team you want to visualize in the account. *Only available for Trainer and Medic accounts.

  5. In the Default Teams section, you can select which team/s (of those assigned to the account) will be displayed by default when you log in to the account.

  6. In the season section, you can select the date of the season you want to display in this account. *Only necessary if you have previously created a season from Administration>Season.

  7. To save the account, click on Save.