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Create a New Team in WIMU Cloud

  1. Once you have logged in to your Club or Administrator account, you have to go to the Users section and click on the Teams section.

  2. To create a Team account, click on NEW and fill in the username and password (all the team accounts need a username a password, even if we are not going to log in with these credentials) and the email address.

    The password shall have the following characteristics:

    At least:
    - 12 characters long

    - One uppercase letter

    - One special character

  3. In the Profile section, you must create a Team name (Name that will appear once logged in to WIMU Cloud).

  4. If you intend to use SVIVO on an RF channel other than the default (99), you have the option to configure the specific channel you plan to use. By doing so, when you synchronize your SVIVO device with your WIMU Cloud account, the configured channel will be set as the default. Otherwise, if you don't configure a specific channel, each time you start SVIVO, the RF channel will be automatically reset to the default value of 99.

  5. Here you can select the color you want to assign to the team. This is very useful if you have different teams within the same account, allowing you to choose a different color for each one and thus be able to differentiate whose session is in the calendar.

  6. To save the account, click on Save.