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Create a New Player

  1. Once you have logged in to your Club or Administrator account, you have to go to the Users section and click on the Players section.

  2. To create a new player account, click on NEW and fill in the player's Name and Last Name.

  3. Provide a nickname for the player, which will appear on the device screen if you set it up with player profiles.

  4. In the Team section, select the team to which you want to assign this player.

  5. Optionally, you can fill in additional descriptive characteristics of the player. These characteristics will customize the calculation of certain metrics in SPRO, provided both software platforms are connected.

    This step is not mandatory.

  6. In the Wimu section of the SPRO tab, you can assign a device number to the player. If you connect SPRO with Wimu Cloud, every session downloaded from this device will be automatically assigned to this player.

    This step is not mandatory, but if omitted, you will need to manually assign the players in Spro to upload the session to Wimu Cloud.

  7. This is usually the big number on the sticker located on the back of the device, typically consisting of 1 or 2 digits.

  8. You can enter the player's number or position, which will appear on the device screen if it is set up with the player's profile. If you fill in the position, it is very important that whenever you use the same position, you write it in the same way, respecting uppercase, lowercase, spaces, accents, etc.

    This step is not mandatory, but if you do it, you will be able to perform subsequent analyses differentiating by positions

  9. Optionally, you can manually enter the maximum values for certain player metrics. If not provided, these values can be updated automatically when uploading sessions to Wimu Cloud.

    This step is not mandatory.

  10. To save the account, click on Save