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Assign WIMU Cloud Player Profiles to WIMU Devices

Assign Profile One By One

  1. Turn on the devices that you want to configure.

  2. On the screen, you have to press a few minutes in the avatar of each device. A new screen appears where you can change the information on the devices:

  3. Add the player's name and the dorsal number in Player and Number, respectively.

  4. In the WIMU ID section, you have to write the same number that the player has in the WIMU Cloud. This will have our device linked to that player's profile.

  5. Lastly, select OK. This will save our changes and then the device will restart.

Add Bulk Player Profiles on Devices

  1. Once player profiles have been created, navigate to the team profiles section (Users > Team) in WIMU Cloud. Select the desired team containing the players' information you want to download.

  2. In the Profile section, locate the "Order JSON by" option and select the "WIMU ID" tab.

  3. Click on SS Config and a JSON file will be downloaded.

  4. This file must be added to a folder with the following name: WIMUCLOUD

  5. Add this folder to a Pen Drive.

    The Pen Drive used must be a FAT-32.

  6. Insert the pen drive in the USB port available in the Smart Station and turn on all the devices that you desire to set. Then the option of CLOUD TEAMS will appear on the Smart Station’s screen. Click on it, select the desired team name, and click on OK. This process could take a few minutes.

    Once the process is complete a reboot of the devices may be required (Shutdown>Reboot). The devices will show the new information now.