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Uploading a Session to WIMU Cloud

Uploading the analyzed information to WIMU Cloud will allow us to save it in a commonplace, access it wherever we want, and visualize it through dashboards. Uploading information from different monitors to WIMU Cloud is allowed and the process is mainly the same.

  1. The first step is to ensure that you have been logged in with a WIMU Cloud account to be allowed to upload the analyzed data to WIMU Cloud. If more details are needed click here.

  2. When you launch a Monitor (i.e., Intervals PRO, Dives, Changes of Direction between others) to analyze some information, the following Cloud symbol is displayed near the resulting data.

    This Symbol will be displayed only if the user has been previously logged in.

  3. Once we click on the Cloud Symbol icon, some entries are available to introduce information about the analyzed session. This data will be useful if interested to filter sessions using the Type, Date, Name of the session, and Week Calendar in WIMU Cloud.

  4. When all desired information is entered, we have to click on OK. Then all the analyzed information will be uploaded to our WIMU Cloud account. The upload process can be followed by clicking on the SPRO Cloud Service:

    If SPRO software is closed before the uploading process has finished the information will be partially uploaded. Thus, waiting until all information has been uploaded is recommended.