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Export Sessions from Different Monitors

To see the sessions of the different monitors in WIMU Cloud and export them in an Excel file, you should follow the next steps.

  1. First, go to Sessions.

  2. Above the calendar label, you are able to choose what monitor you want to show. You only should click on it. Please note that the monitors are Intervals PRO, Steps, Dives, HRV, Change of Inertia, and Change of Direction (from left to right).

  3. To export the data, you can do it in two ways: export many sessions in one (see Cloud - Sessions - Export) or export one session. To achieve this last you should click on the session desire in the Calendar

  4. Once you select the session, you should click on the options on the top right

  5. Finally, you should choose if you create your excel profile (in Excel Builder) or if you want to export in a default profile