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Create a Dashboard in WIMU Cloud

  1. In the Main Panel, it is simply necessary to click on the + New Dashboard option, when selecting it, a new window opens with the initial configuration of the new Dashboard.

  2. The following fields will appear in the General section:

    1. Name: it is possible to modify the Dashboard name.
    2. Active: offers the possibility to disable the Dashboard without deleting it.
    3. Monitor Type: Select the monitors from which the Dashboard obtains information.
    4. Grouping: it is possible to choose between “Participated” (all the players who took part in the session) or “Only of this team” (only those who belong to the pre-selected teams).
    5. Load Widgets One by One: allows the widgets to be loaded dynamically one by one, if enabled it will facilitate the operation of the tool.
    6. Orientation: allows you to select the Dashboard organization, either vertically or horizontally.
  3. In the Filter Structure section, there are different options that configure the time period of the sessions shown when accessing the dashboard.

    1. Free: selects a date range, which is always the same when entering the Dashboard.
    2. Last Session: searches for the last session and marks that day and all its sessions as selected.
    3. Last Day: Search for the last day and selects all your sessions.
    4. Last Session & Offset: shows the last session when accessing the Dashboard and the days backward that mark the Offset value.
    5. Fixed Start: allows you to define a default start date up to the current day.
  4. Once all these aspects have been defined, just click on the “Create” option to generate the Dashboard.

  5. After having configured all the initial sections, click on the “Save” option to proceed with the creation of the Dashboard by adding the different existing widgets.

  6. To start the Dashboard creation process by adding the different tools, click on the header of the Dashboard created.