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Create Attributes in WIMU Cloud

  1. Attributes are used to categorize or label some components of the session such as tasks, players or the session itself. In this way, you can add information to the session for further analysis.

    The Attributes section is located in the Administration section and to create a new Attribute click on the New button:

  2. There are four types of attributes:

    • Text: attribute to categorize with words.
      1. Example: Session Completed / Not completed.
    • Text (free): attribute to add free words.
    • Number: attribute to categorize with numbers.
      1. Example: Field dimensions: 200m. You can also add maximum and minimum values, as well as decimals.
    • Tag: attribute to add a word.
      1. Example: injury. The difference between this type and the first one is that in this one it will not be necessary to add the opposite attribute "not injured".
  3. In each attribute, there is the option to assign it to: session, task, player, team.