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Setting an Alarm in SVIVO

Setting up an alarm will allow SVIVO to notify when teams or players are reaching some specific performance value. To set up an alarm the following steps must be followed.

  1. Go to the Alarms section within the options available before starting the session and click on New Alarm.

  2. The performance variable used to set the alarm has to be selected from the variable entry. For example, we will select HSR distance.

  3. The Operation or Condition of the alarm will be selected between those shown in this entry. For example, we will set the alarm of HSR when the values are Higher or equal to X.

  4. The reference variable value has to be finally set up. For example, we will introduce the value of 300 m. Then we will click on Add to insert the condition into the rule box.

    Consider that you can add as many conditions as you want for your alarm.

  5. Through the Advanced panel, we can configure other important details of the alarms.

    • Color: Select the color of the Alarm
    • Time to reset (s): Select the time that the alarm will spend to be reset.
    • Duration: Duration that the alarm will be notifying that players or equipment have reached some condition.
    • Times happened: Number of times the condition must be reached for alarm initiation to be reported.
    • Subjects: To whom the alarm is targeted: To a specific selection of players or to the whole team (all WIMUs).
    • Condition Scope: Alarm application condition. When a player meets it, a percentage of players on the team, all players, or at least one player.
    • Task: Specific task where the alarm will apply.
  6. Click on Save to save the alarm and it will be available for all sessions or on Apply to only set it up for this session.

  7. When a team or a specific player meets the condition established through this alarm the following notification will be launched.