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Adding Tactical relationships to the Map in SVIVO

  1. The Map option allows a tactical analysis of what is happening on the pitch. In order to do this analysis, the first thing we should have done, when defining the parameters, is to have defined our field. In the right bottom corner, we have the option to increase or decrease the zoom for the pitch.

  2. In order to visualize the relationships it will be necessary to press the first of the three icons that appear in the upper right. In addition, we have the option of clicking on the eye icon of each relationship, in order to show or hide it according to our interests or eliminate it, if we are no longer interested. To create a new relationship we must click on New Layer.

  3. When you press it, a new pop-up window will appear where we must put the name of the relationship, for which player/s or group of players, and the relationship you want to see among the available ones:

    1. Voronoi Map: shows a Voronoi map for the selected devices (minimum 1).
    2. Heat Map: shows a heat map for the selected devices (minimum 1).
    3. Area Map: shows the area occupied by the selected devices (minimum 3).
    4. Depth Map: shows the distance of the selected devices from the ends of the field (minimum 1).
    5. Distance: shows the distance between two selected devices (only 2).
    6. Distance 1-N: shows the distance of the first device selected with the rest of the devices we select (minimum 2).
    7. Distance N-N: shows all the distances between all the devices we select (minimum 2).
  4. Once all these fields have been filled in, click on Accept and the defined relationships will already be displayed.

  5. The second icon in the upper right part allows you to hide players or groups of players who do not want to see on the screen, to do it click on this icon and then on the eye icon to indicate which player or players you do not want to see. To see the player again, press the eye icon again. In addition, it has a tab to hide automatically the program from inactive players.

  6. Finally, the third icon allows modifying the deactivation time, the option of Deactivations explained previously, of a player when he is outside the limits of the playing field, as well as increasing or decreasing the resolution of the screen.