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Edit Intervals PRO Thresholds

Saving your customized analysis profile (i.e., adjusted thresholds) of a monitor allows you to save time in your daily analysis process. The following tutorial will show you how to save it for good. Importantly, you will be allowed to create as many profiles as you want. All thresholds and zones of the Intervals PRO monitor variables are modifiable, allowing a more individualized analysis of the sessions.

  1. Within the SPRO screen, click on Football in the monitor's section on the right side, and then click on Intervals PRO.

  2. Then, just below, the list of variables displayed by the Interval PRO monitor will appear. Each one of these variables is configurable if we click on it.

  3. In this case, we see how we can modify the speed thresholds for the HSR, Sprint, and Sprint Max variables.

  4. Once we edit all the thresholds, we only have to click on the make profile button to save all the changes we have just made.