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Connecting Access Points to SPRO to use the Monitors

To view real-time data when using WIMU PRO monitors such as Encoder, Jump CMJ, or ROM it will be necessary to connect the device to an access point. To get that, the requirements are:

  • Access point
  • Access point power cable
  • LAN cable
  1. Connect one end of the LAN cable to the POE port of the power cable and the other end to the LAN port of the access point.

    After this process, connect the power cable to a power source.

  2. You will connect to a WIFI network that is generated through the access point (this network will not have an internet connection) called WIMUNET. The wifi key is cymonline.

  3. Open SPro once connected to the WIFI network. Turn on the WIMU PRO device and press the search button in the SPro software.

  4. Click on the device with the right button and select Connect.

  5. From here, any monitor or sensor could be launched to display live data.