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Import Recorded sessions onto SPRO

Connect the device to the PC/laptop/tablet and open SPRO.

Single File

  1. If there is one file, select Load WIMU Logger.

  2. Select your files and select Open.

  3. All the files should now be in the Recording panel.

  4. Then, drag the session from the Recording panel to the Analysis panel.

Multiple Files

  1. A. Type of search via USB, Network or Folder

    • USB: Once you have the Smart Station powered on and the devices are connected (hub), select PC MODE and then the devices will appear on the screen
    • Network: Smart Station needs to be on WIFI mode or your WIMUs connected to WIMUNET
    • Folder: Select the files from a folder stored on your computer or USB flash drive, USB flash drive…

    B. Date filter (recommendation: do not change)

    C. File filter (makes loading faster: all, last, none). Check “Power off after load” button

    D. Load data (Download, Open or both options)

  2. Then, drag the recording session from Recording to the Analysis panel.