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Using the GIS Feature

GIS stands for Geographic information systems. Through GIS we can visualize information about the trajectories and distances of the devices in an activity. Some information about the use of GIS is displayed below:

  1. In SPRO, grab GIS and drop it in the Spro workspace. Then, grab the Wimu devices (blue) and drop it in the GIS Chart to visualize their information. You can also launch them all at once by dragging the session title. Now you can see the spatial situation of the selected players represented as points.

  2. To visualize the trajectories of a player, click on the desired player's white box as shown below.

  3. If you launch a specific information channel (for example, Speed), you will be able to visualize both data at the same time.

  4. To create a map of the court, watch this video.

  5. To establish relationships between players (distances, areas, heat maps) and export this information we recommend you to watch the following video.

Saving Pitch Layers (GIS)