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Synchronizing the Clicker with WIMU PRO Devices

The clicker is used to make marks on the recording of the devices that will later serve as a reference to perform the tasks of the session. Note that the WIMUs will come synchronized with their corresponding command in the case, but if you want to use another command with a different ID you must change them by following these steps.

  1. Press on any window of the WIMUs to select.

  2. A new screen will appear where you can modify the following information:

    • Ant Push: Populate with the push ID.
  3. The device will begin to reboot.

    It is recommended to perform this process on all devices. This way if one device is too far away to receive the clicker signal, another device closer to it will be able to receive it. This way you can see all the marks made during the session even if a WIMU is too far away.