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Product Description

Antenna Characteristics

  1. The latest Ultra Wideband (UWB) signal technology guarantees that your WIMU Pro system, both indoors and outdoors, operates at an optimum level with an accuracy of 10 cm. The antennas are easy to install, whether mobile, with standard tripods or in a permanent installation, indoors or outdoors.

    WIMU Pro offers good coverage thanks to the hybrid system technology. The combination of GNSS/GPS and UWB ensures data collection and reduces the risk of interference, signal loss, etc.

  2. This is an antenna. The antenna has a battery life of approximately 10 hours and operates with a mobile feed band.

This feed band contains:

  • One charger input:
  • One on/off button:
  • A battery indicator:
  • A power output:

The antenna must be connected to the battery or any universal USB charger. If the battery is low, it should be charged with the USB hub provided. This will take approximately 5 hours.

  • Powerband powered antenna:
  • Hub USB: