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Installation and Configuration

  1. Installation

    Each antenna should be placed on a tripod.

  2. Location

    There are eight antennas. Each antenna has an ID number (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), which is on one side of the device and determines its location.

    Antenna 0" is known as "master" because it works slightly differently from the others. The antennas must be located correctly, and there cannot be any physical obstacles between the signals. For example, between "Antenna 0" and "Antenna 3" the soccer goal cannot interfere with the signal. In that case, the antenna should be located in another position or perhaps, in a higher position. The correct location of the antennas is to place "Antenna 0" in the corner of the field and the rest of the antennas, following the numerical order, will be placed on the side farthest from the antenna that precedes it.

  3. Height

    The tripod allows the antenna to be higher. It is recommended to have all antennas as high as possible on the tripod and at the same height between them. Also, make sure that there are no obstacles between them.

  4. Distance between antennas

    The antennas work for a soccer field, but the recommended minimum distance for antennas is 10 m between each antenna (e.g., the size of a basketball court).

  5. Orientation

    The antenna must be oriented towards the center of the runway on the side where the antenna ID number is located.

  6. Power Up

    Once the antennas are placed in the correct location, power up should be done by pressing the black button on each antenna. First, turn on "Antenna 1", "Antenna 2", "Antenna 3", "Antenna 4", "Antenna 5", "Antenna 6" and "Antenna 7" (the order in which these 7 antennas are turned on is indifferent). Then turn on "Antenna 0". The "master" is always the last one. Wait 5 minutes for a good calibration until the red light is on.

    • The antenna is ready to connect when the light on the device is green: C:\Users\Diseño Gráfico\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Green-Light-PNG-File.png
    • The antenna are connected when the light on the device is red: light_PNG14442

    After finishing the installation, it is recommended to do a test run, you will see how to do it in the next section.