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Function Test

This test is recommended to check if the WIMU and UWB signals are working properly. If you are using the Smart Station for WIMU configuration, press "Set all profiles" and then "UWB". First, turn on the WIMU. Leave it in the middle of the track and wait until it receives the signal. It is recommended not to be near the powered devices during this process in order to avoid possible interference.

  1. Once all antennas are configured and the WIMUs have found the UWB signal:

    • Press the main button on the WIMU for 1 second to start recording. Place the WIMU inside the harness or raise the hand over the head.
    • Move to a corner of the track or field and stay right on the line.
    • Begin walking over the field lines and continue until a full lap is completed. It is also recommended to walk over each line of the track and do some sprinting to see how the signal behaves on these actions.
  2. Then turn off WIMU, download the session to the computer and open it via SPRO. Drag the session from the "Recording" section to the "Analysis" section.

  3. Click on "GIS" and drag it to the work area.

  4. Lastly, drag "Indoor" to the work panel.

    If the distances and shapes are correct, the installation of the antennas has been successful.