Unauthorized/Locked Out

Though you will always have access to your own match­es, you may occa­sion­al­ly receive an unau­tho­rized mes­sage when try­ing to view oppo­nent match­es. If this hap­pens, a rea­son will be list­ed. The most com­mon rea­sons for being locked out are:

  • Missing video or scoresheet
  • Conference exchange rules
  • Match has not been shared with you by the oth­er team
Missing Video or Scoresheet

One or more of your own match­es is miss­ing the video or score­sheet. The match ID will be list­ed. Click on it to be tak­en to the match and upload the miss­ing content.

If the match was can­celled or your league doesn’t require it to be uploaded, delete the event on your Schedule page.

Conference Exchange Rules

Some leagues use Volleymetrics to enforce their exchange rules. This may include the require­ment to upload your own con­tent before access is giv­en to oth­ers’ con­tent. Other leagues may choose to hold all video from the pre­vi­ous week until a cer­tain date and time, after which the video is released. See your league’s exchange rules for fur­ther detail.

Match Not Shared

The match you are try­ing to view may not be shared with you. Ask the coach to share it with you through the portal.