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Add an Event

  1. Log in to Volleymetrics and go to Schedule on the left-hand side.

  2. Click Add New Event.

  3. Enter in the event details.

    Selecting Match under Event Type will make the event public, according to your exchange rules, and allow us to break it down. Selecting Practice will make the event private to your own team. VolleyMetrics does not break down practices.

  4. If your opponent isn’t listed, you will need to fill out the Team Suggestion Form. Click to open the form.

  5. If you have a VolleyMetrics camera that has passed the portal camera test, select if you want to record the event.

    For more information about recording from a VolleyMetrics camera, click here.

  6. Click Save.

Any Match that you participate in will show up on the Schedule page under My Matches. Any Match that is set to record from your camera (including neutral matches played at your facility) will show up on the Schedule page under Venue Matches.