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Add a Player

Your roster must be entered and up-to-date on the Volleymetrics portal in order for us to break down your matches.

  1. Log in to VolleyMetrics and go to Team.

  2. Select Players at the top.

  3. Click Add Team Player.

  4. Enter the player’s information.

    If you add the player's email address, they will receive an email inviting them to join your team. If you do not want your player(s) to have access, don't enter their email address. You can always go back later to edit this.

  5. Click the floppy disk to save.

The players whose email addresses you entered will receive an email titled “Join your team!” inviting them to create their account. Using Google Chrome on a computer (not a mobile device), they should click on the blue “Join team!” button in the email.