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XML Material and Information

What are XMLs used for?

An XML is a data file that is compatible with Sportscode and Hudl.

Does Volleymetrics analyze matches in Sportscode to create XMLs?

No. All matches in Volleymetrics are analyzed using a proprietary analysis tool. The raw data is housed in the online portal for you to review matches and stats. Upon a download request, it is also translated or converted to other data file types - DVW and XML.

How do I access XML files?

XML files for indoor matches are available on Volleymetrics to users that have also purchased a Hudl subscription or a Sportscode license/package. If you need further information, contact your sales representative or support for more information.

How do I export and import these files?

Steps on how to download the XMLs for indoor matches from Volleymetrics and import them into Hudl can be found here:

Export an XML File from Volleymetrics

Manage XML Data (on Hudl)

Steps on how to download the XMLs for indoor matches from Volleymetrics and import them into Sportscode can be found here:

Export an XML into Sportscode

Does the XML have location data?

Hudl Sportscode doesn't yet support XY coordinates like the data is generated in Volleymetrics breakdowns. Instead, we have incorporated zone labels. These are based on the 36 zones we use in the DataVolley export. This graphic breaks down how those zones are labeled.

Does the XML have all the same info as Volleymetrics or a DVW?

No. The XML has almost everything that a DVW has, but not all data points have been built out into the XML export. The data points that you might find missing are:

  • Block Types - attackBlockers
  • Receive Side - receiveType
  • Setter location - To be calculated
  • Players on court home - onCourtHome
  • Players on court away - onCourtAway
  • Defender - Player Name of the person with the dig prior to the set or attack

See the next FAQ for a full breakdown of what codes and labels are included in the XML export.

Can you show me a breakdown of what match data is included in the XML?

The best way to view and understand the data included in the XML file is to look at the Sportscode matrix view. Here is an example of a matrix for an indoor volleyball match. This shows some of the matrix window, but not all of it.

You can also use the find window tool to familiarize yourself with the data structure and see what tags are available in the XML.

The values along the left side in blue and orange are the codes. The values across the top are label groups. Just below are the individual labels. Not all labels are applicable to each code, that is where you see empty sections of the matrix. All codes and label groups included in the XML file are detailed in the XML Statistical Classifications document below.

Volleymetrics to Sportscode XML Mapping Classifications: Indoor Matches