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Visual Analytics Explained


The Visual Analytics page can be filtered by a number of categories. These include:

  • Match
  • Rotation
  • Attacking player
  • Attack result
  • Block
  • Attack type
  • Passing player
  • Setting player
  • Phase


Do players have access to the Visual Analytics page?

No, player accounts do not have access to the Visual Analytics page. See more about player account permissions here.

Can I export or print the Visual Analytics page?

Yes, you can export the Visual Analytics charts using the download button in the bottom-left corner of the court. There is not currently a way to export statistics directly from the Visual Analytics page.

How do I read the Visual Analytics charts?

  • Colors indicate grade — dark green indicates a perfect touch, yellow indicates medium, and red indicates an error. All touches will be somewhere between dark green and dark red.
  • Dots indicate the location where a touch happened. In the case of attacks, a dot will indicate both where the attack originated and where it ended.
  • Lines indicate the ball's trajectory. If a line ends in a dot, it means the ball actually went to that location on the court. Lines that don’t end in a dot indicate the ball didn’t actually go to that location. For example, say a ball was attacked and touched by a blocker. In this scenario, the line would indicate where the attack would have gone had it not been touched by the block, and doesn’t end in a dot because the ball didn’t actually reach that point on the court.

Why do I see discrepancies between the Stats tab and the Visual Analytics tab?

The Visual Analytics tab only displays data points that follow the pass-set-hit pattern, meaning attacks on the second ball or down balls are not included.

For more detailed steps on how to use the Visual Analytics page check out this step-by-step guide.